Learn to invest in the stock exchange using the simplest, most effective method that requires less time”

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Discover imgInvest

Learn a simple and effective method to trade on the stock exchange

Learn imgSave time

Facilitate the investment process.

Find imgYield a profit

Identify the best securities to achieve a higher profitability

Success imgPsychology

Learn to control your emotions

Regain imgManage risk

Control the risk per operation and the global portfolio risk

Create imgFind

Recognise the appropriate time to enter or exit a security

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Students win

Eurekers has at its centre a simple and logical medium and long term investment method where the psychology of the investor plays a fundamental role.

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What do our students say?

Opinión de MARCEL SAYOL sobre el curso de bolsa de Eurekers

Marcel Sayol

Course of a very dynamic nature from the pedagogical viewpoint. Things are defined very clearly and concisely. The few queries that arose were dispelled with the tutor’s answers. Very practical, it didn’t beat about the bush and was also enjoyable. Very happy to have completed it.

Opinión de XURXO VALLEJO sobre el curso de bolsa de Eurekers

Amparo Asensio

It has met my expectations. The course is fun, streamlined and very logical. Applying simplicity, common sense and authenticity. Thank you J.A. Madrigal for your generosity

Opinión de XURXO VALLEJO sobre el curso de bolsa de Eurekers


EUREKA!!! The world of the Stock Exchange is also for me! I never dared to invest on the Stock Exchange and now, after this course, I want to know more. I hope, in a short space of time, to be a highly successful investor. José Antonio, Thank you very much!

Investment tools

StockFinder tool

Securities search tool

Find the most suitable securities for your portfolio.

StockChart tool

Dynamic plotter

Analyse any security or index that interests you with its corresponding chart.

Directionality tool


Study the directionality of the markets by countries and by sectors.

Risk Control tool

Control of risk

Calculate the risk to minimise the potential losses.

Frequently asked questions

1. What will I have access to with the course?

On the one hand, you will have access to the TRAINING PLATFORM, where you will learn Eurekers’ investment method using videos and interactive exercises. And on the other hand, you will be able to access the INVESTMENT PLATFORM where you will have access to the tools and more practical exercises. This platform offers support and help to perfect trading as an investor.

2. Who is this online course aimed at?

Eurekers’ online course is aimed at all types of people, whatever their training, level and previous experience. For people who have never had contact with trading, this stock exchange course offers them a solid base and the necessary tools to be able to make stock exchange investments in a totally controlled way. For people who already have experience, our stock exchange course will teach them a totally logical way of investing in stock exchanges and to be The able to apply common sense with the investment strategy used by José Antonio Madrigal.

3. When can I access the course content until?

Provided you keep the username and password you created your account with, you will be able to access the training platform. Access is unlimited for the theory content, you will be able to watch the videos as many times as you need to, but you will only be able to do the practical and interactive part once.

4. Is the method of investment I am going to learn reliable?

The system of investment that you will learn in our stock exchange course will help you to understand and interpret the stock exchange appropriately and to correctly apply the rules used by the best investors in the world. According to audited data, between 72% and 86% of our students make money on the stock exchange by applying this method.

5. What does the investment strategy that I will learn in this stock exchange course consist of?

The method you will learn during the training is a simple method that all Eurekers use to trade on the stock exchange. It has three widely developed areas, psychology in the financial market, monetary risk management in operations and medium and long term analysis.

6. Do I need any prior knowledge of the stock exchange?

No, in fact, 30% of our students usually have a level of between 0 and 2 out of 10 in terms of knowledge of stock exchanges before starting the course.

7. Am I going to learn more than about technical analysis in this course?

You will learn an investment method that includes very little analysis and a lot of psychology, monetary management of risk and also applied to the financial market.

8. What does this stock exchange course have that others do not?

In our stock exchange course, you will learn an investment system that you will be able to apply once you finish the course. You will have a series of tools available that will help you when it comes to deciding on your investments in the stock exchange. At the end of this course, you won’t just have theoretical knowledge, like in other stock exchange courses, you will also have some practical guidelines offered during the course that will help you to consolidate everything you have learned and that enable students to invest with confidence when they finish. Furthermore, this course has been named as the best course in Europe by the British magazine, The European.

9. What type of people can we find at Eurekers?

Within the group of investors at Eurekers, we can find everything from home makers to executives, to students or entrepreneurs, as well as any individual who feels curious or has a passion for the financial markets or who, quite simply, wants to yield a profit from their money without relying on banks, agents or advisers. Ultimately, individuals who are willing to make the most out of their own savings for themselves.

10. How is the payment for the course made?

The payment method is using a bank card on the official course website. Once registered, the button ‘I want the course’ will appear at the top right hand side.

11. What material do I need in order to do the online course?

To be able to do this online course, you just need a computer with internet access.