Investment tools

Plan your strategy and manage your portfolio in a simple and intuitive way with the facilities offered by the technology.

Find the best investment opportunities in any market in the world according to your investment profile.

View your positions at all times and minimize the risk to opt for the maximum profitability.

The global nature of markets on the same platform


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One of the biggest difficulties for investors is locating the most suitable securities for their portfolio. This tool greatly facilitates this task, by allowing you to apply filters (profitability, sectors, currencies …) that refine the search to the maximum until finding, in less than a second, the best investment opportunities for you.


Control your investments at any time within the same workspace. Quickly check the status of your account (s), look at your positions, check your stops, write down your observations and plan your next moves according to your investment methodology.

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Analizando la direccionalidad de los mercados por paises y sectores nos permiten centrarnos en acciones con mayor precisión, sabiendo donde hay acciones con mayor potencial de crecimiento y en que mercados pueden caer.

Risk control

Risk control is one of the main characteristics when we use the Eurekers methodology. With this financial calculator, you will control the risk in each of your operations.

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