Latin Wedding Ceremony Traditions

Incorporating these brilliantly colored elements into your ceremony could make the day look even more distinctive for you and everybody. And, Baca notes, it is very an easy way to honor your heritage as well or if you spouse-to-be’s.

In a Latina wedding, a couple’s first step within their new lives together commences with a “sigura, ” or hug. During this ritual, the soon-to-be husband and bride walk hand-in-hand to their soon-to-be home and exchange a hug and leyenda to indicate they are committed and can stay together forever. The aval, a bundle of 13 gold coins, and the vinculo, which is either a cable in the shape of an eight or a rosary, are also the main ceremonial retraite.

These symbols, as well as a vow of chastity coming from the bride’s father and mother, are all indications of a officially sanctioned matrimony in which the couple say yes to share all their lives together family product. Another important symbolic representation of this union is definitely the el encerrona cord, which is a white ribbon—or sometimes a rosary—that is certainly wrapped throughout the newlyweds when they exchange their wedding bands.

In addition , while some ethnicities don’t have a bridal party of bridesmaids and groomsmen, the padrinos—or god-parents—are an integral part of a Latin wedding ceremony. These are the people that mentor the se?al and vinculo, and they usually assume a special role during the marriage, such as escorting the bride-to-be down the exit or providing her away. Padrinos are usually often the ones that business lead the hora loca, or crazy hour—a celebration in the main special event where funds is pinned on the groom and bride to dance with them during four to five songs.